Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or would like to discuss a project.

Unlike the legal profession we don't charge for phone calls.
We mainly specialise in the manufacture of custom displays shop fit-outs, exhibition Stands, counters, cabinets and signs etc.

With us the person you talk to about your project is also involved in the design and manufacturing of your product, in other words " you get to talk to the butcher not the block."

We like a challenge, and do our utmost to turn your ideas into a finished product.

We out source any components that we cannot produce in house effectively and competitively  and by doing this avoid the cost of maintenance etc on machinery that may not be utilized fully, in turn keeping our own overheads fairly reasonable, passing these savings on to our clients.

We believe in specialising and our specialist skills are bringing a concept or drawing into fruition. We are flexible enough to produce concepts that are not run of the mill.

We take care of the production problems, painting, building, electrical, signs, transport and installation etc. Leaving you free to do what you do best.
We also come to you to discuss your requirements so you don't have to leave the office.

Now that's not to say that we are not interested in any smaller jobs, on the contrary we have a number of clients who only need one or two things made at a time. And we are always happy to oblige and take on new work.

About us

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